Behind The Scenes

Ana thought she might be suspended indefinitely from the only thing she knew and loved. Then she got the call. She was back in. She could never have imagined exactly how in she would be.

 In a distant future, historical scenes in a live setting are the highlights of any self-respecting cultural institution. A live setting with time-typical architecture, clothes, props, technology, and characters. Living characters. Blissfully unaware non-citizen characters.

 It’s a in many ways a nonsensical field in a world where efficiency and productivity are the cornerstones of society. Luxury and decadence are for a selected few. Art and culture for the masses are restricted to controlled environments in official institutions. It’s the only work Ana ever considered.

Ana joins a small team to travel overseas to assist the institution in Cologne with a 1900s exhibition. Her involvement is withheld from her, until she shockingly realizes exactly how close to the action she will be.

Equipped with nothing but fleeting instructions of what to do and a 1980s perm, she accepts the challenge. Her love for history, and years of studying to manage an exhibition just like this are useless. She cannot apply any of the knowledge she has of, well, everything. She must adapt. Quickly.

Her dedication might ensure the success of the exhibition. Her ingenuity might steer the characters in the right direction. Her desire to survive might just be enough to keep her alive.


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