Creative Space

I don’t only write fiction. This is my creative space where I’ll share other cool or quirky stuff I’m up to. 

The runs

I grew up on a bike, more or less. But the flatlands of southern Sweden offered very little in terms of mountain biking. Most of my life I lived in flat areas, sometimes even below sea level. Until now. So making the most of it recording my downhill rides in Heidelberg and surroundings.


The nature

What started as a goofy holiday video to my nieces turned into an educational series of pure entertainment. They call me the Swedish Attenborough (although we’re not quite sure who “they” are). 

Fun facts

  • I have the very unusual Triple-A condition of Anosmia, Ambidexterity, and Arachnophobia. Very rare combination indeed.
  • I have a love/hate relationship with Liverpool Football Club. I hate when they lose, and love it when they win. I consider myself an honorary Scouser.
  • I’m utterly convinced I would survive a virus apocalypse with a death rate of 99.9%. My immune system kicks butt. Unfortunately my martial arts skills don’t. Five minutes later I would be consumed by the zombies.
  • I read much more than I write, and always have a handful of books on the go. Comic books are books, too. It’s in the name.
  • A visit to Ellis Island in 2019 got me totally hooked on family research. It’s very addictive. So far in my lineage I’ve found a nobleman who wangled his way into knighthood, a crazy pastor who insulted his own family during his church services, a bayonet smith, and more than a handful America emigrants.
  • I’m a numbers person. I’m terrible with names. And faces.
  • By the time the last mammoth died, the Great Pyramid of ancient Egypt had already stood tall for 600 years (give or take). That’s my favorite piece of trivia, ever. I’m just waiting for the day it comes up in a pub quiz in some form – I’d so nail that question.