Get The Yak Out

“CBB. Can’t be bothered.”

Ben’s approach to basically everything in life is to choose the path of least resistance. Muddling through and staying under the radar while exerting the least amount of effort is how he rolls. But he really should have said CBB before getting out of bed this cursed Friday.

A complete London public transport standstill suddenly hampers his plans of smoothly getting across the city. On the one day when he really has to get home. Having to fend off his boss, Finnish gangsters, lost tourists, a clingy lackey, zombies, a cosmonaut, and the police makes his journey so much harder.

But this is not a Nordic noir post-apocalyptic space-aged bromance narrative. This is the story about one cynical hipster’s race against the clock to get somewhere he didn’t really want to be in the first place.

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