Millennial Scenes

Dane is confused. Who are these people? And what is that lovely noise? In his young life he’s only known one place. Big Room. This is not it. This is The Hall. It’s where these young boys and girls grow to the tunes of music.

Roc has a knack for sports. He’s only ten, but he always knew he was faster and stronger than everyone else. Until now, that is. The Arena is the perfect stage for him to nurture his talents. But he has to adapt to his new environment very quickly, or he’ll be lost.

Lia always knew she didn’t fit in with the smaller children in the playground. In The Park she has found comfort in the group of like-minded misfits. They’re masters of the boards and the ramps. It’s what they do. It’s the only thing they can do. But a traumatic incident in alters the lives of the entire group for years to come.

At first the video games in The Level kept Hale occupied. There seemed to be endless entertainment. But then she wanted more. There had to be something else, anything else. Constantly failing to engage the group in any meaningful conversations, she falls deeper and deeper into a depression she might not get out of.

In The Lounge all the young adults finally come together to party. It’s a place where feelings are developed and sexuality is discovered. Britt is struggling with hers. It’s a different game, very different, where the rules are not clear, and where not everyone is your friend.

Ana finds all of it extremely fascinating. She has a different perspective of things in The Gallery. Very different. She’s so close to all of them, but yet so far away. When she learns the fate of the groups she knows she has to end up risking her future to save them all.

Are their lives interconnected somehow? And who can answer the question they all have on their mind ‘What happens when we disappear?’

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