Scenes special

The Scenes

A good author should be able to describe characters and settings so that readers can immerse themselves in the fictional world. A passionate reader will create an image in their head, build a perception of what the they are reading. But why not have a quick look at what the author had in mind? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could meet the characters from the scenes? Put faces to the names? And how awesome would it be to see how they live?

The characters

Meet the main characters from Millennial Scenes. Click on the image for a larger picture and a short description.

Important note: These photos are AI (Artificial Intelligence) generated. As life-like as they are – and they do look like real people, don’t they? – these faces are created by a computer. These are not actors or models, and you will never run into any of these faces on the street. If you did, though, it means that either cloning technologies have taken huge leaps forward, or that the characters have escaped from the scenes!

The scenes

These are the scenes from Millennial Scenes. Click on each to take a tour of the scene with high resolution images.

Big shout-out to for their excellent software for creating these fantastic images.


The Millennial Exhibition Scenes

The 1980s scene

The special tour

Now, if you’ve made it this far I would like to reward the faithful reader/explorer with something extra special. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could actually move around in the scenes? Well, you can! Click on this link to take a 360 VR tour of the scenes.

 You can click in the frame to move around in the room, and you can also switch cameras to go to other rooms.

Important note: The 360 VR tour works best on a mobile phone, and please be patient as it takes a few moments to load. Unfortunately I’m unable to provide further support, should it not work on other devices.