I was born and raised in the southernmost Swedish province of Scania. In my mid-20s I decided to leave my hometown, spread my wings and explore whatever was out there, and I’ve kind of been on the road ever since. Via Spain, the US, Sweden (again), and the Netherlands, I ended up in Germany. Heidelberg is currently where I hang my proverbial hat.

I started scribbling at a young age, and the words kept coming. I have tons of travel observations, football (soccer) articles and match reports, and academic essays under my belt. A few years ago I had this vague idea of putting together my travel tales into an entertaining and lighthearted non-fiction book. Then one day I had another idea for a fictional story about a future where people have a completely different way of learning about history – one where moral standards and ethical concerns have evolved into something unrecognizable to us today. I started writing. 1000 words. 5000 words. 10k words. 50k words. Then I started asking myself “how long is a book in words?”, “how do I publish this stuff?”, and “If no one ever reads it – is it still a book?”. Once I figured those things out, my first book – Scenes – was born. But I’ll still write that travel book – at some point.

I’m an avid reader, history buff, travel addict, sports fan, and a city boy and nature lover at the same time. My daytime job in the aerospace industry – no, I’m not an astronaut or a rocket scientist – has triggered a recent fascination for space.

If you want to know more about what I’m up to when I’m not writing books, visit my Creative Space.